Buying a new home is a big decision, and we're sure you have lots of questions. To help, we've compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions to make sure you have all the facts when you make your new home purchasing decision.

We are committed to offering the finest standard specifications available in the GTA. That being said, it's impossible to anticipate every feature and finish that may be important to an individual homebuyer. That's why we've tried to offer a standard range of features and finishes that both appeals to the majority of homebuyers and allows us to keep our prices competitive and give our homebuyers the best value. All homebuyers still have the opportunity to add in many extras during the décor selection process.

Once your deal has been firmed up with our Sales Office, we will give you a tentative possession date (subject to change). As construction proceeds, The Construction Supervisor will give you an updated tentative date, but please note that this date is still tentative. Your confirmed possession date will be set by the Construction Supervisor around the ceiling texture stage of construction. This date will be sent to you by letter/email. We will send you an additional letter/email approximately 14 days before confirmed possession date to give you a date for your pre-delivery inspection meeting. This meeting takes place shortly before occupancy.

Once you've signed the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, our décor expert will contact you to make an appointment. It is important for all décor selections to be completed promptly to ensure there are no delays in the building process, so please schedule your appointment as soon as possible after being contacted.

This is something we do not encourage. However, in the days leading up to possession we might be able to accommodate this request, please talk to your Sales Office representative to see if it is possible.

Your new home will be warranted and backed by Tarion Home Warranty Program as per the guidelines described in the Ontario New Home Plan Act. To learn more about what is specifically covered, please visit www.Tarion.com.